My Fitness Journey: How it Began


My fitness journey began the day I looked at my reflection in the mirror and felt self conscious of my image.

Even though I never excelled in sports, growing up I was always slender and quite physically active.  It wasn’t until my early-mid twenties that I ‘filled out’.  Extra weight began to accumulate around my waist and abdomen and I lost muscle mass.  I started to feel really self conscious of myself when I saw the appearance of cellulite on my upper arms, abdomen and even on my lower back.

Between graduation from university and the winter of 2015, I led a fairly sedentary lifestyle that revolved around writing and promoting myself as a writer.  So, needless to say, it was no wonder why I had put on some weight and lost lean body mass.  Though, it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that I really took notice and decided to take action.  That summer, I worked at a B&B, cleaning rooms and gardening.  I occasionally helped my employer, Adele, in the office, researching and contributing content for her new coaching business that focused on helping women break through psychological barriers that prevented them from losing weight.  I desperately wanted to gain back the slender, toned figure I had in my late teens and early twenties, but I was stuck in a rut.  The thing is, I didn’t eat much junk food, but drinking was my pastime.  Three or more times a week, I would consume a bottle of wine or more than two bottles of beer.  At least one day out of my two days off work was spent recovering from a night of drinking.  And every time I got together with my friends, we drank.

Yes, I was self conscious of my image and I wanted to change that, I needed to change that, but my addiction to alcohol held me back.

Fast forward one year.  I was working full time at Pharmasave while Sonja and Meghan, two close friends of mine, were working as landscapers.  They were both tall, slender fit, toned and gorgeous, everything I wanted to be.  All I wanted was to look just like them.  So, I decided that, when I returned home from Germany, I would pursue work as a landscaper.  I believed that landscaping would be a way to lose a few pounds, strengthen and tone up my muscles.  I didn’t consider joining any fitness classes or pursuing a job as a group fitness coach until the winter of 2017.

While perusing Instagram one afternoon in early 2017, a man named Nathan messaged me and told me about  He was a Beachbody coach and encouraged me to become one myself.  He also told me that he thought I would make a very good coach.  I mulled it over and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to pursue this opportunity.  However, life has a habit of getting in the way when I’m in the midst of making other plans.  I started a gardening job in March that year and for that reason, I put my plans to become a fitness coach on hold.

I did in fact lose some weight and tone up my muscles over the course of ten months of landscaping.  I also learnt a lot about my biomechanics as well as which types of food gave me more energy throughout the day.

The next year I quit my job without any back up plan and founded Adventurous Worker.  My initial plan for Adventurous Worker was to offer services as a cleaner, landscaper, photographer and writer, but I quickly narrowed it down to landscaping.  As much as I enjoy landscaping, it’s seasonal and I refuse to work in the cold and pouring rain.  I thought about pursuing copy writing but once again, I quickly decided this alternate career path was not the right thing for me.  Besides, I do not want to spend several hours a day at my computer.  I prefer to be active and since health and fitness has become an integral part of my life, I thought, why not combine my love for writing with my passion for health and fitness?  And, why not pursue a vocation where I can teach fitness classes?  After all, it’s something I have wanted to do for two years now.

In January 2019, I enrolled in the Fitness Theory class through Info Fit (I enrolled in the home study program as Info Fit is based in Vancouver and I live on the Sunshine Coast).  I recently completed the BCRPA Fitness theory exam, an exam required in order to enrol in the group class instruction program through InfoFit.   I will admit, it wasn’t easy and the minimal grade to pass the exam is 80%, but I did it!

Even though I am still on my fitness journey – I will always be on a fitness journey no matter how fit I am – I am looking forward to helping others who struggle with body image and other issues, overcome those issues, become more physically active and lead a healthy life that’s more fulfilling and rewarding

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