Boot Camp Program: Sample Lesson Plan

Since I’m keen on strength and high interval (HIIT) training for my own health benefits and level of physical fitness, I want to kickoff my career as a group fitness instructor teaching boot camp classes that involve a mix of strength and high interval training.  I recently created a lesson plan for a boot camp class I’d like to teach at whatever gym I’m hired to work at.

This lesson plan was created with the intention to accommodate people of varying fitness levels and abilities as well as with the goal to help others increase their level of strength and endurance.  I didn’t include the type of music to go along as this is simply just an hour-long workout that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

*P = Progression R= Regression

Boot Camp: Circuit Training

Duration: 1 hour

Warm-Up  ~ 10 minutes ~

  1. March in place
  2. High Knees
  3. High knees with a jab-cross
  4. High knees reaching arms overhead
  5. March side to side
  6. Butt kickers
  7. Skaters
  8. Standing Oblique Twists

Conditioning  ~ 30-35 minutes ~

8 Stations

Station 1:  Reverse Flyes

Equipment: Dumbbells

P:  Heavier weights, larger range of motion

R:  Lighter weights and/or smaller range of motion

Station 2:  Mountain Climbers

Equipment:  None

P:  in plank position

R: hands placed on the wall, parallel to shoulders, keep slight bend in elbows, alternate legs up towards the chest (regression for pregnant women or those with cardiac conditions)

Station 3:  Jab Cross

Equipment:  Bag/Gloves (if available)

P:  Fast

R: Slow, focus on form and technique if new to this type of movement

Station 4:  Side Kicks (both legs)

Equipment:  Bag (if available)

P:  Fast

R:  Slow, focus on form and technique

Station 5:  Renegade Row

Equipment:  Dumbbells

P:  Full plank, heavier weights

R:  Full plank, lighter weights

R:  Knees down, lighter weights

Station 6:  Plyometrics

Equipment:  Plyo Box

P:  Jump up

R:  Step up

Station 7:  Weighted Side Lunge (both sides)

Equipment:  Dumbbells

P:  heavier weights, deep lunge

R:  lighter weight, shallow lunge

Station 8:  Burpees

Equipment:  None

P:  Jump into plank position, do a push up and explode up

R:  Step into plank position, do a push-up and step up

Core  ~ 5-10 minutes ~

  1.  Russian Twists
  2. Bicycle Crunches
  3. Side Plank (left side)
  4. Side Plank (right side)
  5. Swimmers
  6. Marching Plank
  7. Scissor Kicks
  8. Bird Dog

Stretching ~ 3-5 minutes ~

  1. Standing Chest Stretch
  2. Side Angle Extension (both sides)
  3. Torso Twist
  4. Quad Stretch (both legs)
  5. Hamstring Stretch (both legs)
  6. Deltoid Stretch (both arms)
  7. Tricep Stretch (both arms

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