Andre Potvin and I after I passed my exam. Andre is the president and owner of InfoFit Educators, the school for fitness professionals where I completed the Fitness Theory and Group Fitness courses earlier this year. InfoFit Educators is located in Vancouver, BC, but they also have a home study option for those who live outside of the greater Vancouver area.

I realize the long moment of silence and inactivity that has happened here, but it will be no more because I finally accomplished what I have worked so hard towards accomplishing all year long: I passed the ACE Group Fitness Instructor exam and I am now fully certified to teach group fitness classes.  This is something I am so stoked about as I have, for a long time wanted a career that would enable me to teach and be active while teaching.  For those reasons, I believe that being a fitness instructor is the perfect fit for me.

I owe many thanks to the team at InfoFit for their positive energy, enthusiasm and encouragement.  Because of them, my dream has finally become a reality.  Now, the next step in my journey is to find work as an instructor and build experience.  But it’s not all about me.  My goal as a leader is to pass on my passion for fitness to other people and to help them lead a healthier, happier life where they engage in regular exercise for the love of it.

That’s what being a fitness instructor is all about!


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