When it Rains it Pours, But it Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down

When it rains it pours.  Or does it?  Well, sometimes it does pour rain, but it doesn’t have to put a hamper on your plans.

Any time of the year can be a time of rebirth, but there is something about a new year that causes many of us to pause, reflect and make resolutions.  Winter, as dark and cold as it is in many parts of the world, is a time to sew seeds for future months and years to come.  Yes, most resolutions fall by the wayside, but that’s because, much of the time, we set lofty goals for ourselves and so, we get easily overwhelmed, discouraged and give up.  Or, we let the opinions of others prevent us from pursuing our dreams.  Here’s the thing, though: no goal, however big, is out of our reach.

Think of this time of year as an optimal time to look at the big picture and set goals for yourself that you can realistically achieve.  Start a journal, create a vision board or write down everything you want to accomplish within the next eleven months. Then, work away at achieving that goal one step at a time.  Be aware that you will have setbacks along the way.  At some point, you will fall off the health band wagon, eat that piece of chocolate cake or have more drinks than you normally would and wake up the next morning, too hung over to attend your scheduled exercise program.  We all make those mistakes from time to time.  That’s because we’re human and we’re not perfect.

On the other hand, life happens when we’re busy making other plans and some things don’t work out the way we want them to at the time we want them to.  You may not lose those extra five pounds in time for summer, or that editor of that magazine you really want to write for may not accept your article.  Does that mean you’ve set unrealistic goals for yourself?  No.  With the right diet, the right amount of exercise and the right mindset, you can lose those extra five pounds over the summer months.  And just because that one editor didn’t accept your article for publication, it doesn’t mean you’re an amateur writer with lofty goals.  Keep pitching editors and keep on writing.  That’s the only way you will succeed as a writer.  It’s not the setbacks that matter, it’s the end result that matter: how you navigate yourself through that setback and become a stronger, better and more successful version of yourself.

Yes, it may be pouring rain — or snowing — outside, but don’t let that slow you down.  Roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Create a step by step plan on how you will conquer your fears and achieve your fitness and writing — if writing is your passion — goals in 2020.

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