Fitness of The Mind

Fitness isn’t just about being healthy and having a strong, well-sculpted body.  It’s also about spirituality, mental courage, perception, bravery and adaptability.  Fitness of the mind, or what I will also refer to as your inner fitness.

I am only 34 years old, yet I have already accumulated so many different life experiences that revolve around this subject matter: Some good, some not so good.  I could write a book about my own life, but that’s not my soul purpose.  At least not now.


Two years ago, I really wanted to try my hand at house painting, so I was hired by a local company on the Sunshine Coast where I am currently still living.  Since I had no painting experience, the employer decided to start me off doing exterior painting.  A large part of the job involved getting up on a ladder to paint those out of reach areas.  I am terrified of getting up on ladders, especially tall ones.  My worst fear is losing my footing and falling off it, or worse, having the ladder tip over while I am on it.  Perish the thought!  However, because I was so determined to make this new job work out for me, I faced my fear and got up on an eight-foot ladder to caulk a window trim.  It took a lot of courage for me to do that, especially since that is something I have never done before.  And I’ll admit, the first time I got on that ladder, I held in my breath and prayed silently and profusely that God would keep both the ladder and me well balanced and steady.

Everything turned out fine and I ended the work day in one piece.  My fear quickly vanished.  Even though I can’t call myself a pro at painting, I worked like one and ended the day on a strong note.  The view of the North Shore Mountains from only five to six feet off the ground was even more spectacular than it was from the ground.

I didn’t stick with that job as I decided to get back into landscaping and now, teach fitness classes as well.  Even so, had I let my fear rule me, I would have never tried my hand at exterior house painting.  Chances are, I wouldn’t even be where I am now, ACE Certified and preparing to go to northern Alberta — a hamlet where I know only two people — to teach Zumba and a HIIT boot camp class.

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