Fitness Classes in Eaglesham

A new chapter in my life is about to begin and I am so excited!!

To everyone in the Peace River region of Alberta who has visited my website: I have just arrived in Eaglesham and am in the process of reaching out to everyone now.

Zumba and HIIT both begin this week!!  Tabata HIIT Tuesday evening March 3rd and Zumba Wednesday evening March 4th.

It’s $10 for drop-in for each class, but I do offer two punch-cards: $50 for 5 sessions, $100 for 10 sessions.  The punch card options are good for both Zumba and the HIIT boot camp class.  If Zumba is the only class that you are interested in and are able to commit to all six sessions, you may pay $60 for the six sessions.

I’m offering different payment options as well as the drop-in option to accommodate people with different schedules so that everyone has an opportunity to do either class or both classes whenever is convenient for them.

If none of the evening classes work well for you, I will be offering the Tabata HIIT class two mornings per week — I’m thinking of Mondays and Wednesdays — as well as personalized small group and/or individual training.

I do thank Doug and Maggie Greenfield for helping me set this up and for spreading the word.  There is no way I could have organized this without your help and support, especially since I am currently on the Sunshine Coast in the southwestern corner of British Columbia (not exactly close to Eaglesham).

I look forward to meeting you all and to being a part of this community.

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle, a face towel and a yoga mat (if you’re joining the HIIT program).

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