Tabata HIIT: What to Expect

Starting in Eaglesham, Alberta Tuesday evening (March 3rd).

Location:  In the Conference room at the Arena

Time: 6:45 – 7:45pm

Duration: March 3rd – April 9th

This lesson plan is an example of what you will expect in your first HIIT Class.

It’s 60 minutes of vigorous exercise using just your own bodyweight.  Twenty seconds of hard work followed by ten seconds of active rest.  One minute period of rest between each round.

Warm Up  ~ 10 minutes

 Inner Thigh Mobility 5x each leg

Hip Bridge with Reach 5x each side

Hip Flexor Release to Forward Lunch 5x each leg

Plank to Downward Dog 5x each leg

Upper Back Rotation 5x each side

Bird Dog 5x each side

Round 1         20/10

 Sprint in place


Jumping Jacks (or side steps)


Side Lunge (each leg)

~ One Minute Rest ~ Water Break

 Repeat Round 1

 Round 2         20/10

 Mountain Climbers

Push-Ups (or kneeling push-ups)

Backward Lunge to High Knees (or either or exercise)

Burpees (or Burpees without the plyometrics)

Elbow Plank

~ One Minute Rest ~ Water Break

Repeat Round 2

Round 3     20/10

Up and Down Plank (or hold in high plank)

Crouching Push-Ups (or regular push-ups w/without knees down)

Sumo Squats

Squat to Side Leg Lift (each side)

Jumping Plank (or step-in-step-out plank)

~ One Minute Rest ~ Water Break

Repeat Round 3

Core Work  ~ 15 minutes

Round 1    20/10

Bicycle Crunches

Russian Twist

Scissor Kicks

Ab Cruches (hands behind head or in front)


~ 30 Seconds Rest ~

Round 2   20/10

Prone Rows

Boat Pose

V-Ups left (or side lying leg raise)

V-Ups Right

Hip to Floor Plank (or rocking plank)

~ 30 Seconds Rest ~

Cool Down  ~ 5 minutes

*Hold each stretch for 15 seconds.  Stretch both sides of the body equally.

Runner’s Lunge

Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch

Deltoid Stretch

Tricep Stretch

Chest Stretch

Cat Camel slow mo

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