Fitness Classes Update

The first two weeks of Zumba and HIIT in Eaglesham has gone by really fast and they have so far been the best two weeks of the year.  I have met some amazing people and it’s really great to see everyone enjoying the classes and challenging themselves with each exercise.

Unfortunately, the issue with COVID-19 has gotten increasingly worse over the past two weeks and concerns over the virus are growing even here in Eaglesham.  While I do fully intend to keep classes going, I am going to offer all classes (Zumba, HIIT and Stretch it Out) online starting this week.  That said, I will be at the rec centre every day this week and at the Seniors Social Centre (for Zumba) on Wednesday to chat with anyone who may come out.  That way, I give everyone an opportunity to be in the know of where I’m at in terms of HIIT and Zumba.

For anyone who’s interested and have questions, contact me at or at 604-989-1835.

Keep strong everyone and stay healthy.  This too shall pass!  In the meanwhile, thank God for internet!

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