Reaching Out And Moving Forward

It’s almost week six of fitness classes in Eaglesham, Alberta and I’m not going to let Covid-19 take away this amazing experience that I’m having.  That said, I’ve been self-isolating for a little more than two weeks now.  I’m healthy.  Not at risk and not a risk to anyone.  I’ve been working out quite vigorously every second day (Thank God for Beach body on Demand!) and I’ve been meeting the nutrition demands of my body.

So, dare I say the following at the risk of getting flack from someone:  I am not afraid and I REFUSE to live my life in perpetual fear of this virus.  I get that we must all take extra care, extra precautions in order to avoid getting sick and large gatherings — especially in halls or other places that can only hold so many people — are not an option right now.  However, at some point, life must go on.  We cannot stay holed up in our homes forever, afraid to get out and spend time with family and other loved ones.  While some people are especially lucky to have the ability to work from home and keep on earning, a great many others — including myself at the moment — are not that lucky.

I’m determined to continue on life as normal because soon and very soon, I will need some kind of an income in order to pay my bills as I’m sure you do as well.

As far as moving forward, the new normal for me — as it is for every other fit pro at this time — may look like teaching fitness classes entirely online (something I’m already doing).  Or, perhaps reaching out to fitness centers and inquiring about working for them as a virtual instructor — whatever that may look like, or even if that may work out at all.

On a more positive note, I’m on a mission to keep everyone positive and everyone moving!  As my current HIIT program winds up, I will be spending the next couple of days, figuring out other ways I can reach out to you online to best serve your fitness needs at this time.

So stay tuned and keep your chin up!


  1. Hey Deanna!

    Just a couple things…you can spread the virus even if you are healthy. It can spread through you to other people, without you knowing you have it. I’d recommend you continue to follow government and health official recommendations regarding lockdown etc.

    Also, you can apply for financial assistance from the government if you’re concerned about finances!

    Keep your chin up!


    1. As much as I don’t want to, of course I will follow the health recommendations regarding lockdown as I have no choice. That’s why I’m going to be working hard to build my online presence as a fitness instructor. However, once the dust settles a little, there is nothing that’s going to stop me from physically moving to the Canmore/Cochrane area, the place I really want to live.


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