The End is The New Beginning

Another thing that I REFUSE to do is believe that the end is final.  No!  To every end, there is a new beginning!  I could have believed that Covid-19 slammed the door shut to a promising career as a fitness instructor.  But that’s not the case!  Rather, I look at this whole situation as a new opportunity to teaching fitness classes online, something I wouldn’t have otherwise considered until a year or two into my new career.  That’s actually a blessing in disguise!

I’ve unfortunately had to cancel Zumba, but I’ve been fortunate enough to stream my HIIT program online via YouTube.  But now that my HIIT program is winding to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the future.

Doug and Maggie Greenfield opened their home to me here in Eaglesham, Alberta and Eaglesham welcomed me with open arms.  It has been such a blessing to be here and to meet so many amazing people!  However, it’s almost time to move on.  I will be leaving Eaglesham on April 10th to embark on my new adventure (still putting the pieces of the puzzle of that together, but it will all work out in good time) and to find my new home.

Even though I’m almost through my HIIT program, I will now be opening it up to anyone and everyone who’s interested in checking it out and following along with the workouts.  You can find them at   They are also FREE until April 9th.

All that said, the great thing about teaching fitness online, it doesn’t have to end on April 9th.  So let’s stay connected!

It’s not the end.  It’s the new beginning.




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