Making The Most of a Bad Situation

A while back, I kicked off a Fitness of The Mind series with a story about how I conquered my fear of ladders.  Well, since then a lot has happened in my life as I’m sure it has in yours as well.

Part two of my Fitness of The Mind series is all about making the most of a bad situation.  We all know what that situation currently is, so there is no need to mention it.  We are all in this together, struggling together and crying together.  Some of us are carrying on as normal, lucky enough to still have a job, while many of us  had to put our careers on hold while we figure out how we’re going to put the pieces of our shattered lives back together.  We wonder day by day what the future has in store for us, how we are going to get through this storm financially, spiritually and emotionally and what life for us is going to look like on the backside of this pandemic.

Here’s the challenge:  Turn off the media and turn off social media!  I decided as of this morning that I’m going to take a break from Facebook as I find myself spending to much time on it, and I’ve decided that I am no longer going to peruse the internet to read the latest Covid updates.  At least not for a while.  That decision alone makes me feel more energetic and a little more lighthearted.  If no media and limited time spent on social media can improve my mood, I’m quite sure it can do a world of wonders for you too.

Next, what is that hobby you thoroughly enjoy doing but normally have little time for?

Mine is writing.  I’m currently writing a novel titled God’s Kingdom.  It’s a work of historical fiction that’s set in the 12th century during the time of the crusades.  I have been working on this novel for close to five years now.  I even have a beta reader, an established, award-winning author of historical fiction who is helping me with this novel.  She is also an avid Crusade Historian.  But other priorities have compelled me to put God’s Kingdom on the shelf.  However, now that I’ve had to put my fitness career on hold for the time being, I’ve decided to get back to the writing of my novel and plan to complete at least the first draft this year.  This goal renews my hope and keeps me focused on something more than the Beach Body workouts I do three times a week.  It’s been a long-time dream of mine to become a published author (that is, with a traditional press) and maybe, through all of this, that dream will become a reality.  Regardless, I love writing and I am incredibly fascinated by medieval history, so that in itself is enough to keep me motivated, inspired and moving forward despite the current situation.

So, take this moment as an opportunity to do the things you love to do but normally don’t have time for.  Make it your time to make the most out of this bad situation.  Let the creativity and the inspiration flow freely because you never know where new opportunities will come about.  Also, when you re-set your mind on other things, especially those things you enjoy doing, you build mental and emotional resilience.

When this is all over and we can finally return to some degree of normalcy, you will emerge as a much stronger and better version of yourself.




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