Beachbody Fan No Longer! Here is My Reason Why

I’m not going to deny that I love the Beachbody workout programs.  All BOD instructors are the highest caliber of professionals, something I’m striving to achieve as a new fitness instructor.  I also like the fact that BOD offers membership for a fairly reasonable price.  And with a BOD membership, you get access to a wide variety of exercise programs!  Not bad at all, especially if you don’t live close to any fitness center or if you’re the type who prefers to workout at home and have the space to do so.

However, as of today, I am no longer a fan of Beachbody on Demand!  Here is my reason why:

The customer service at Beachbody on Demand leaves much to be desired.  All or most of Beach Body’s customer service representatives are from the Philippines and, while they speak English well, they are snakes.  They don’t take No for an answer.  Selling the Beachbody products and making Beachbody money is their absolute bottom line.

In April, I had asked a representative to kindly cancel my Shakeology subscription, explaining that I couldn’t afford it.  I was unemployed at the time for obvious reasons, but she refused to grant me that one favor saying that she would put it on hold until July 24th.  Well, a lot of things happened in my life between April and July 24th, so I forgot all about it until I happened to look at my bank account the morning of the 24th of July and saw a pending transaction from BOD for the Shakeology and it was scheduled to be shipped to the Sunshine Coast address where I no longer live.  Panicking, I contacted them, requesting that they cancel the order immediately.  They refused to do so, so I demanded that they cancel the order, refund my order and cancel all future subscriptions.  And I didn’t mince my words either.

They did cancel my order and all future orders of Shakeology as well.  But, when I looked at my bank account as well as my BOD account, I saw that I had been charged the $168 for the Shakeology order that had been set for July 24th and it was shipped to my former Sunshine Coast address on the 30th of July.

There is nothing I can do about it now but make as many people as possible aware of how crooked the BOD customer service representatives are.  Yes I do like the BOD workout programs, but this experience has left a very sour taste in my mouth and for that reason, I am no longer a fan of Beachbody and I will no longer toot their horn.

As a word of caution — based on what I’ve just experienced — be very careful with what you get involved with.  Support your local gym and studio owners as well as the trainers and instructors they hire.  Yes the BOD instructors are very good instructors, but it’s the independent gym and studio owners who are the heart and soul of the fitness community at large.  As far as I’m concerned, they do just as good as a job helping people gain results as do the BOD instructors so they are my first choice of people that I support.

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