Beachbody is a Sham!

See Beachbody Fan No Longer: Here is My Reason Why

I am still really angry over the fact that I have been ripped off by Beachbody, charged for a product and that product shipped to an address I no longer live at after those customer representatives supposedly cancelled my order.  Although it’s not a huge amount of money I now have to pay off my credit card, $168 is still more than what I should be paying for Shakeology, especially given the fact that I am still unemployed and relying on government assistance until I move and am fully able to re-launch my fitness career.  Not to mention that $168 is in US which equals about $223.51 in Canadian.

I am not letting this matter go!

Last night I did some serious research into other people’s experiences with Beachbody.  I wasn’t surprised, yet I was disturbed and oddly comforted by what I had discovered online.  In 2017, the consumer protection division of Santa Monica’s attorney office filed a class action law suit against Beachbody, “alleging that the company was charging its customers’ credit cards on an automatic, recurring basis without the required written consent of those customers,” wrote Howard Fine in an article published in the Los Angeles Business Journal (the link to the full article is provided below).  The city of Santa Monica won the case and Beachbody agreed to pay them $3.6 million under condition that they alter their sales practices, get customers’ consent before subscription renewals, notify them of upcoming renewals and allow customers the opportunity to cancel their orders.

Clearly Beachbody did not live up to their end of the bargain and my very recent experience proves that they are in breach of their agreement with the city of Santa Monica and also to their customers.  I’m also not the only person who has been ripped off by Beachbody.  There have been a total of 154 complaints filed against them on the Better Business Bureau within the last three years.  Out of all those complaints, 68 were closed within the past 12 months.  That is more than 40 per cent of all complaints filed and closed in one year!  Many of those complaints have to do with customers being charged without their consent and without them even knowing.  Other complaints have to do with people signing up for Beachbody on Demand and then having little or no access to the workout programs (see link to the BBB below).

I’m quite disappointed to know that a fitness and wellness company who claims to care about their customers’ health and fitness goals treats them so horribly (myself included).  I’m also a little embarrassed to admit that I was a fan of Beachbody on Demand.  Although I do enjoy their Shakeology, it’s way overpriced and it doesn’t curb hunger like is claimed in the Shakeology video I had watched when I became a Beachbody coach — something I’m no longer pursuing and I’m so happy I’m not.  As a fit pro myself, I would never substitute Shakeology for a nutritious meal as it’s just a powder and it doesn’t contain all the nutrients my body needs in order to function well on a daily basis.  Besides, there are other protein powders out there that have health benefits and are way more affordable.

As for the workout programs, I’ve already admitted (and I will admit again that) I really enjoy them, but I can’t in good faith support a company as corrupt as Beachbody where all they care about is their bottom line and they will scam their customers hundreds of dollars in order to fatten their already fat bank account.  Furthermore, as a group fitness instructor, I believe that you get what effort you put into any fitness program, whether it’s through a Beachbody program or through a program offered at your local gym.  Diet is also king and, without me delving too much into this subject matter at this time, I do firmly believe that you will achieve your weight loss goals with the right diet combined with a 3-4 day per week vigorous exercise regimen that includes a combination of HIIT cardio and strength training.

I don’t know about you, but I would far rather spend my money on a gym membership at a gym that is community oriented and nurturing in its approach to helping its clients achieve their health and fitness goals as opposed to a Beachbody membership where ‘the results’ are always the bottom line and, heaven forbid I lose track of my membership renewal.

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