About One Step Fitness

We all want to lose weight, tone up, eat healthier and pursue a lifestyle that’s more enjoyable, fulfilling and less stressful,  But it’s often much easier said than done.  Why?  Because we don’t set clear goals for ourselves, we get caught up in a lifestyle that’s not conducive to our overall well being, or we let other people discourage us from pursuing our dreams.

Here’s the good news: No goal, however big, is out of your reach.  Though, we all need a little help and encouragement along the way.  The goal of One Step Fitness is to help you break through those emotional barriers that are holding you back, achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of you.  Step by step.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination!

About Deanna Proach


Deanna’s interest in fitness began in the summer of 2016 shortly before her trip to Germany.  Since she thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, Deanna took up landscaping as a means of achieving her own fitness goals while being surrounded by nature.  Meanwhile, the calling to become a fitness instructor grew louder, so in early 2019, Deanna enrolled in the Fitness Theory home-study course through Info Fit.  In October of that year, she obtained her ACE group fitness certification and has recently obtained a license to teach Zumba classes, something Deanna is thoroughly looking forward to doing.

Deanna also enjoys writing.  She has written numerous articles for web and print, all on the topic of writing and history and is the creator of the history blog, Crusades and Crusaders (www.crusadesandcrusaders.com).  But now Deanna wants to expand her areas of expertise into the field of fitness writing.  She is currently enrolled in Amanda Vogel’s Fitness Writer’s Fast-Track course with the goal of become a freelance fitness writer as well as instructor.




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