Train With Me

My HIIT workouts are now available on my YouTube channel and they are open to everyone FREE of charge.  Check it out and subscribe at

If you are wanting something more to help you get stronger, healthier and to shake the quarantine blues, check out Beach Body on Demand (  For a reasonable price, you have access to hundreds of really awesome workout programs, meal plans and you become part of a large, super supportive and super friendly community who all striving to be fit and to lead healthy lifestyles.  You don’t have be a fitness model.  You don’t even have to be super fit in order to join Beach Body.  All you need is a burning desire to become a healthier, stronger and happier version of you!  And guess what?  I’m a Beach Body coach, so I would be happy to help you every step of the way in your fitness journey.

I am also in the process of creating my own 30-day Boot Camp!

For more information, contact me at or at 604-989-1835.


From my first HIIT Boot Camp program in Eaglesham, Alberta

‘Thanks to all three of you for making it happen.  I personally am very thankful for the fitness classes and videos online.’ ~ Esther Fehr

‘Thank you for serving our community while you were here.’  ~ Ginette Paradis

‘I’m very happy that I was able to take part in your HIIT classes.  Thank you to all who contributed.’ ~ Christine Gaudreault Chenard




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