Upcoming Classes

*NOTE:  In spite of everything going on with COVID-19, classes are still on, but they are now being offered online until further notice.  Class schedules are still in effect and I will continue to use the Rec Centre as my base for HIIT and now Zumba as well.  I will be using Zoom to connect with all of you, so if you send me an email or text well enough a head of time, I will send you a Zoom invite to class.  You can reach me at deannaproach@gmail.com or at 604-989-1835.

Stretch it Out is a full 30 minutes of just stretching.  All stretches are geared towards helping reduce pain and inflammation and improving your flexibility and mobility.  This is a great place to start if you struggle with tightness cause by muscular imbalances or even if you are new to exercise, haven’t been exercising for an extended period of time and want to get back into it but are not sure where to begin.

March 9th – April 6th:  Stretch it Out! Monday evenings from 6:30 – 7:00pm via Zoom.

Zumba has unfortunately been cancelled until further notice…

March 3rd – April 9th:  HIIT Training Online

I have now just started filming myself doing the workouts and have posted them on YouTube.  Actually Maggie Greenfield is helping me, doing the filming for me.  A huge thanks to her because, without her help, the HIIT program would have to be shut down for the time being.

For those who are interested in my HIIT program, you can check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30J-7vD9H5J9VY3hRwe9KQ.

One additional note:  Given the current situation, all classes from now until April 9th are offered FREE of charge!!  You are welcome to make a donation to my cause, but it’s not mandatory.




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